Dismantling of cars


As a founding member of Car-Rec Vehicle Wreck-Handling Nonprofit Ltd., our company takes part in the activity of the national network of retaking of vehicles. With our dismantling-waste-handling plant network – registrated by county traffic supervisory boards – and the involvement of sub-contractors we ensure the taking over, dismantling and recycling vehicles which have been withdrawn from traffic.


We do the dismantling of vehicles which have become waste in accordance with elaborated inner instructions. The storing before dismantling takes place  with a separate rainfall-water-collecting system, on a space-concrete surface supplied with oil- and mud-separating work of art. The removal of the dangerous materials of the car-wrecks occurs with the help of mobile- or installed to-dry-laying equipment, the dismantling takes place using special hand-tools.


We sell the metal waste, which appears during dismantling, as  furnacle basic material after its preparation to become secondary raw material. We provide the recycling of non-metal materials in its material and for energetic purpose (plastic, glass, rubber) involving our national and international waste-handling partners. The placement of dangerous waste occurs in waste-burners and in deposits supplied with special technical protection.



Division Leader:


Mr. Dr. Pál Lukács       Tel.: +36 96 518 895            E-mail: pal.lukacs@carrec.hu

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