ALCUFER Ltd was established on 30 March 1990. The company was directed by Ferenc Horváth from 1990 to 2005. Under his guidance the small venture has become one of the most significant ventures of the Hungarian waste industry.

1.jpgIt has been a member of the 500 Hungarian ventures of the highest income and the highest tax paid since 2004. After the founder-owner’s death, his two sons, Ferenc and Ernő Horváth, who had been working as deputy managers of the company before, took over the managing of the company.


Our venture deals with waste-trade, waste-processing, -utilization, handling and transporting of dangerous waste. With distributing more than 500.000 tons of recyclable waste, we play an important role on  the waste market. In our gathering area we stand at our partners’ disposal on 17 premises, moreover, through co-operating ventures in other 38 cities we buy up recyclable waste. This way our gathering network could be extended to national level. With 340 permanent employees, 210 road means of transportation, 105 material-moving and waste-processing machines, 40 private railway waggons, 16 halls to store dangerous waste, supplied with insulation comforming to the level of our age, with a damage-saver and a control-leaker – these halls are authorized by authorities of environment-protection. The number of gathering containers exceeds 3000 pieces. Out of them, there are more than 600 rolling containers used for ICTS-system transportation, to which we are able to provide 52 multilift container-transporting lorries.

With regard to sales, we are direct suppliers of Hungarian, Austrian, Italian, German, Slovakian and Slovenian users.


Since 1998 we have been working in accordance with ISO 9002 quality-ensuring system, our ISO 14001 environment-centred control system was certified in 2001. In the course of our work, in each case we endeavour to serve our partners entirely, in addition, to save the environment. We consider our basic requirement that our activity should comform to the law regulations and our accepted obligations. We have continuously been modernising our devices, we have been constructing and forming our premises. Following the EU norms, we have introduced environment-friendly procedures for handling and elaborating waste.




Among our plans, we would like to improve the proportion of recycling with increasing the collected volume, and with processing the waste not utilized before, as well as recycling them into the production process as secondary raw material.


Our company is a member of the National Organisation of Waste-Recyclers, Hungarohab Nonprofit Ltd., ÖKO-Pack Nonprofit Ltd., Remoplast Nonprofit Ltd., CAR-REC Nonprofit Ltd., which coordinates the recollection and utilization of waste which needs a special treatment according to the relevant laws (accumulators, wrapping waste, discarded vehicles, electrical- and electronic equipment).


The ALCUFER-group’s companies dealing with gathering- and utilizing waste – ALCUFER Ltd, North-Transdanubian MÉH Zrt., North-Hungarian MÉH Zrt., E-Elektra Zrt. –, which exceeds 750.000 tons annually, moreover, provide continuous work to more than 700 workers.


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