Plastic waste



The gathering of packaging- and production (mainly die-costing) plastic waste comes from industrial plants, institutions and the inhabitants, where we provide big-bag bags and containers for the selective collection for the different kinds. Using the installed special gathering containers, our clingfilm-baling- and grinding machines, we enable the plastic waste to be transported and processed economically.


As a basic condition of recycling is sellective gathering, as well as the gathering combined with delivery to the scene, in case it is needed, we keep a separate personnel on the premises of our customers. The personnel ensures the continuous emptying of the waste-collecting bins on the production line, the delivery to the gathering place, the constant inspection, cleaning and selection of the waste. Out of the processed plastic waste, we transport PE, PP materials to Hungarian processors in a bale form. We export the more special, so-called technical plastic (e.g PA, PBT, PC, etc.) in the form of grind. Our company is a member of Remoplast Nonprofit Ltd., which coordinates the recycling of plastic.



Division Leader:


Mr. Antal Ludman           Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail:


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