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Our firm has been doing the pulling-down of various buildings, containing metal as well. We do our work with strict technological instructions, descriptions, applying methods decreasing the danger of accidents, fires and explosions. In the course of our work we employ qualified subcontractors for the alpine-technical- and explosion-tasks, which all need special preparations. Apart from metal waste, our company also utilizes the debris coming during the pulling-down process. With special grinding equipment we process concrete- and brick debris, which are utilized at road constructions, constructions as an uploading material.


With regard to pulling-down amortisized constructions and equipment we draw your attention to the reference works mentioned as follows:


-     Pulling-down of the buildings of the premises of Rába Rt. Railway Vehicle

-     Rába Undercarriage Ltd.: inner technological pulling-downs

-     Complex pulling-down of the iron- and steel-structured equipment, buildings of Almásfüzitő Timföldgyár

-     Pulling-down of the railway vehicles of MÁV Rt. Engineering Centre

-     Pulling-down of the iron- and steel structures of Budapest Sports Hall as a subcontractor

-     Pulling-down of Zalaegerszeg Cold Store

-     Pulling-down of the technological equipment of Inota Aluminium Furnace

-     Pulling-down  of the stepping-beam furnace of Rába Rt. Vehicle Branch

-     Pulling-down of the wet technological equipment of MOTIM Rt.

-     Bakonyi Bauxite Mine Ltd. Rákhegyi Mine Plant: pulling-down of a transport- and airshraft

-     Győri Distillery and Refining Rt.: pulling-down of the baths of the fermenting plant

-     Acid-resin- and furfurol-producing plant of Mol-LUB Ltd.

-     Pulling-down of Győri Vegetable-Oil Factory, Cereol Zrt.

-     Nitrokémia Rt., Balatonfűzfő: pulling-down of a plant

-     Pulling-down of Sugar factory in Petőháza, Magyar Cukor Zrt.



Division Leader:


Mr. András Tóth     Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail:


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