Hazardous waste



As well as the transportation of recyclable waste, appearing in the course of the activity of industrial plants, our company also provides the transportation, furtner handling - in accordance with environmental regulations – and rendering harmless of hazardous waste for its partners. Considering the gathering and transportation of hazardous waste, ALCUFER Ltd. possesses the permit of Environment- and Nature Protection Main Supervisory Board: number 7290-50/2010.


We deliver the taken-over hazardous waste, considering factors of profitability and logistics, directly to the plants that render it harmless (burner, deposit, utilizer, etc.) and to our hazardous-waste-gathering sites.


At present 16 hazardous-waste-gathering halls, supplied with proper technical protection, insulation, damage-saver and control-leaker ensure the handling and temporary storing of the waste coming to the gathering site. In these hazardous-waste-gathering sites occurs the processing of metal-containing waste containing or polluted by hazardous materials. Such waste is for example the discarded vehicles, transformators, condensators, office-technical and other electronic waste, barrels, containers, polluted wrapping materials. The purpose of the handling is to obtain metals and other recyclable materials, and to separate polluting materials.


We provide the handling – combined with transportation - of cooling-, greasing emulsions and oily sewage appearing during the process of machine-manufacturing from the scene to our partners  in a container car – which has an ARD vehicle-approval certification – and a 60-ton-capacity sewage-handling equipment operating in Győr.


We possess several hundred acid-resistant plastic containers for gathering accumulators which have become waste, thus we do the gathering of lead-accumulators exceeding 4000 tons annually, moreover, we deliver them to the recycler.


Division Leader:


Mr. Tamás Csiszár          Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail: info@alcufer.hu

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