Ferrous scrap



The volume of iron- and steel waste gathered, processed and distributed by ALCUFER Ltd. is 40.000 tons / month on average. We gather it from industrial plants, the inhabitants and smaller waste-gathering ventures.


The gathering task is greatly helped by our continuously-improving vehicle park and the stock of containers installed to our partners. In the processing process we use modern baling -, scissoring - and chopping machines, alongside with the traditional frame-cutting technology.


We transport the steel turnings in a closed system from our partners, we store them on our premises in an even from environmental point of view modern dangerous waste-gathering hall, which we make suitable to be recycled by live- (wire-) separation based on outdeposition.


We transport the processed waste to Hungarian and international steel works in state prepared to be furnaced. We have been their acknowledged suppliers for years.



Division Leader:


Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail: info@alcufer.hu

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