Complex waste handling and advising



Adapting to our partners’ needs, our waste-buy-up activity – together with delivery from the scene involves the transportation and final placing of non-recyclable- and dangerous waste, inner waste-handling, operating a waste-court, cleaning, taking care of parks, carrying out environmental tasks of administrative character.


In the case of our partners’ demands, Alcufer Ltd. provides a constant personnel to continuously empty the waste-gathering containers applied on the production line, to deliver them to the gathering site, to continuously inspect and clean the gathering site.


The personnel changes the waste-gathering containers, it does pre-handling in accordance with the later recycling of the waste ( selection, denaturalization of technological faulty products, baling, compressing, chopping).


In relation to waste-handling, our experts – as well as continuously giving information –  also provide the preparation and direction of registering. The advising activity – depending on the arising demands – involves the making of the waste-handling regulations, material balance, waste-management scheme, environmental supervision and representing the partner firm in official cases, enviromental protection tasks. In case of need from our partners, we are doing factory cleaning activities, scrapyard monitoring and related task activities, outside area and park keeping, gardening activities, in winter time snow cleaning.


Among our references, the car factories and the car-industry supplier firms are worth paying particular attention. Since the opening of SUZUKI Rt., Esztergom, we have been doing the waste-management tasks within its premises. At Rába Vehicle-Industry Holding Rt. and its partner companies, our company provides the delivery, utilization of all the upcoming waste, and also its rendering harmless. As well as delivering the utility- and dangerous waste, we carry out environment-protection agent’s tasks.



Division Leader:


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