Electronic waste



This is the most recent and most dynamically-improving branch of our company. Gathering electronic waste takes place from industrial electronic manufacturers, merchants, institutions and the inhabitants.


We differentiate between the following two big categories in the case of electronic waste: from the viewpoint of origin: industrial, manufactured waste and electronic-waste equipment, devices.


Based on handling, we differentiate between waste belonging to the category ’containing dangerous waste’ and the category ’not containing dangerous waste’.


Our company has been a member of ELECTRO-COORD Nonprofit Ltd., it deals with gathering, transporting and processing of such equipment and devices that have been withdrawn from circulation in trade. In this time, on 17 of our premises we provide also the organized gathering and taking over of such discarded waste which has been withdrawn from circulation.


Our company, in order to ensure the processing of electronic waste, purchased a share in E-Elektra Zrt., the detailed introduction of which can be found in our brochure.



Division Leader:


     Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail: info@alcufer.hu


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