ALCUFER Kft. has been founded on 30 March 1990. The company was managed by Ferenc Horváth, company founder and owner, from 1990 until 2005. Under his leadership, the small business became one of the most important enterprises of the Hungarian waste industry.

1.jpgSince 2004, the company has been among the 500 Hungarian companies demonstrating the greatest sales revenue and tax efficiency. After the decease of the founder and owner, the management of the company has been taken over by his two sons, Ferenc Horváth and Ernő Horváth, who previously worked as deputy directors at the company.


Our company deals with waste commerce, processing, utilization, hazardous waste management and transportation. We play a considerable role in the waste market with the annual distribution of more than 600 thousand tons of recyclable waste. We are available to our partners at 19 sites within our collection area, we also hoard usable waste in further 38 cities through co-operative enterprises, and thus, we managed to extend our collection network to a national level.

We have 385 permanent workers, 210 pcs of vehicles for public road transportation, 190 pcs of material handling and waste processing machines, 40 pcs of private railroad wagons, 18 hazardous waste holding halls permitted by the environmental protection authorities provided with isolation, salvager and monitoring drain complying with the recent standards. The quantity of our collection containers exceeds 4000 pieces. More than 900 of these are rolling containers used for transportation according to the ICTS system, for which we can provide 120 pcs of container-transporting multilift trucks.

In respect of sales, we are direct suppliers of domestic, Austrian, Italian, German, Slovakian and Slovenian users. 


We have been operating in accordance with the ISO 9002 quality management system since 1998, our ISO 14001 environmental management system has been certified in 2001. During our work, we strive to maximize the service of our partners and to protect the environment in all cases. We consider the compliance of our activities to the legal provisions and to our commitments as a basic requirement. We are constantly modernising our equipment, building and shaping our sites with technical enhancements and new investments. Following the EU standards, we are introducing environmentally friendly procedures for the management and processing of the waste.




We plan to improve the scale of recycling by increasing the amount collected, as well as by processing the previously unutilized wastes and by ploughing these back into the production process as secondary raw materials.


Our company is a member of the Hungarian Waste Management Federation, as well as a member of the CAR-REC Nonprofit Kft. who coordinate the collection and utilization of scrapped automobiles that require special treatment according to the relevant provisions.


The companies of ALCUFER group dealing with waste collection and utilization – ALCUFER Kft., MÉH Zrt., E-Elektra Zrt., E-Hull Kft. – ensure the recycling of more than 800 thousand tons of waste on an annual basis and provide permanent work for more than 750 workers.


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