Complex waste handling and advising

Complex waste treatment and professional consultancy


Adjusting to our partners' demands, our activity of waste purchase combined with transportation from the site covers the transportation and permanent disposition of unusable and hazardous waste, internal waste treatment, operating junkyards, cleaning, park maintenance, and performing administrative environmental protection tasks related to waste treatment.


In case our partners demand, the Alcufer Kft. maintains a permanent staff for the constant unloading of the waste collector tanks on the production line and for transporting those to the collection area, as well as for the constant supervision and cleaning of the waste collection area.


The staff replaces the waste collection tanks and performs pre-treatment according to the subsequent recovery of the waste (selection, denaturizing technical scrap, baling, compression, grinding).


In addition to the constant briefing, our professionals are capable of providing the preparation of acknowledgments and the management of records in relation to the waste treatment as required by the legislation. Depending on the arising demands, the advisory activity covers the preparation of waste treatment regulations, mass balance, waste management plan, as well as the representation of partner companies in environmental protection reviews and authority affairs.


The automobile factories and automotive industry supplier companies deserve special attention from our references. Since SUZUKI ZRt. launched in Esztergom, we have been performing the waste treatment tasks within the area of the factory. Our company ensures the transportation, recovery and disposal of all the waste generated at Rába Járműipari Holding NyRt and its member companies. Besides the transportation of the recyclable and hazardous wastes of Continental Automotive Kft., Win-Pres kft, Thun Kft., Lindab Kft., Qp Zrt., we also perform environmental protection assignee tasks.



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Mr. Tamás Csiszár          Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail:


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