Industrial equipment and institution-pulling-down- division

Industrial equipment- and facility demolition sector


Our company has been performing the demolition of different, even metallic industrial facilities and technologies for more than 15 years. From the disassembly of machines and constructions in active factories, we also undertake the demolition of every building of complete factories, even with planning, authorisation and recultivation. We perform our work by applying methods that decrease the dangers of accidents, fire and explosions, with the utilization of strict technical instructions and descriptions. For tasks with rope-assisted work techniques and using explosives requiring special preparedness, we employ certified subcontractors during our works. Besides the metal waste, our company utilizes the scrap created during the demolition as well. We process the concrete and brick scrap with special shredder equipment, which will be used as filling material for road constructions and building operations.


Regarding the demolition works, we bring the following references

to your attention:


• The complete demolition and recultivation of the Cement Factory of Lábatlan

•  Demolition of 26 buildings of the Csepel Paper Factory

•  Demolition of the buildings in the Railway Vehicles site of Rába Rt.;

•  Rába Futómű Kft. internal technical demolitions;

•  Complex demolition of the equipment and buildings 

    with iron- and steel structure

of Almásfüzitő Alumina Plant;

•  Demolition of the railway vehicles of MÁV Rt. 

    Engineering Centre;

•  Demolition of the iron- and steel structures 

    of Budapest Sportcsarnok as a subcontractor;

•  Demolition of the Zalaegerszeg cold store;

•  Demolition of the technical equipment 

of the aluminium smelter of Mal Rt. in Inota;

•  Demolition of the walking-beam furnace of

    the Vehicle Sector of Rába Rt.;

•  Demolition of the wet technology equipment 

    of MOTIM Rt.;

•  Demolition of the conveyance and air shaft of

    Bakonyi Bauxitbánya Kft., Rákhegy Mining Plant;

•  Demolition of the fermentation plant tanks of

    Győri Szeszgyár és Finomító Rt.;

•  Acid sludge and furfural production plant of Mol-LUB Kft.;

•  Demolition of the Győr vegetable oil factory of Cereol Zrt.;

•  Nitrokémia Rt. Plant demolition, Balatonfűzfő;

• Demolition of Petőház Sugar Factory of Magyar Cukor Zrt.


Division Leader:


Mr. András Tóth     Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail:


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