Battery waste sector

Battery waste sector


Alcufer Kft. has been dealing with the reception, collection and sales of used lead-acid batteries that became waste since 1990.


The environmental contamination-preventive collection of annually more than 4500 tons of lead-acid batteries is ensured by hazardous waste collection halls in our sites supplied with isolation and salvager, and also ensured by several hundreds of acid-resisting storage tanks.


Our company is in a contractual relationship with the battery importers and manufacturers on the one hand, and with the battery waste exporters and recoverers on the other hand.


Our aim is to ensure the repossession and recovery obligation of the manufacturers and distributors through our collector network and to meet the domestic and European Union environmental protection regulations. 


Division Leader:


Mr. Attila Margl           Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail:

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