Ferrous scrap



The average amount of the iron- and steel waste collected, processed and distributed by ALCUFER Kft. is 40 thousand tons per month. We collect from industrial plants, from the population and from smaller waste collector enterprises.


The collection process is greatly facilitated by our constantly developed fleet and by our container stock installed at our partners. In the processing, we apply modern baler, cutter and shredder machines in addition to the traditional flame cutting technology.


We transfer the steel chips from our partners in a closed system, store it in our sites, in a hazardous waste collection hall, which is considered modern in the aspect of environmental protection as well, and make it suitable for recycling with phase separation based on precipitation.


The recycled waste is delivered to the domestic and foreign steel-works in a condition prepared for smelting. We are acknowledged suppliers of these steel-works for a long time



Division Leader:


Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail: info@alcufer.hu

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