Plastic waste



The production (mainly injection moulding) and packaging plastic waste is collected from industrial plants and institutions, within the frameworks of complex waste management services, where we provide 'Big Bag' bags, paper bulk bins, and sheet-iron containers with proper size and design for the selective collection per types. We make the plastic waste suitable for economical shipping and recycling by using the installed special collection tanks, foil baler and shredding machines.


Since selective collection is a basic requirement for recycling, besides the collection combined with delivery from the site, we also maintain a special staff in the sites of our customers for the selective collection of the plastic waste in case it is demanded. The staff ensures the constant unloading of the waste collector tanks on the production line, ensures the transportation to the collection area, the constant supervision and cleaning of the waste collection area, and the selection of the waste. Out of the recovered plastic waste, we forward the packaging PE and PP waste to domestic processors in the form of bales, and we forward the special so-called technical plastic (e.g. PA, PP, PBT, PS, PC, ABS, POM, TPU etc.) to domestic and foreign users in bulk as packages, or in the form of chips in case it is demanded.



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