Dismantling of cars

 Automobile disassembly

Our company participates in the operation of the national recovery network of automobiles that became waste as a founding member of CAR-REC Gépjárműroncs-kezelő Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. We ensure the receipt, disassembly and recovery of automobiles during the deregistration with our disassembly - waste treatment site network registered by the regional national traffic authorities and with involving subcontractors.


The disassembly of the end-of-life automobiles is performed on the basis of elaborated internal instructions. The storage prior to the disassembly is performed on a concrete surfacing supplied with a separate rainwater collection system, and with an oil- and sludge separating structure. The removal and the pre-separation of the hazardous materials from the end-of-life automobiles is performed with mobile or installed EOL fluid removal equipment and with special hand tools, then the processing is continued using a shredder equipment.


The metal scrap resulting from the disassembly is sold as metallurgical raw material after being converted into secondary raw material (shredding). The material- and energy-purpose recovery of the non-metallic materials (plastic, glass, rubber) is ensured by involving our domestic and foreign waste treatment partners. The hazardous materials are allocated in waste incineration plants and in landfills supplied with special technical protection. We aim to meet the increasing recovery rates specified by the regulations (meeting 95% recovery rate until 01 January 2015) with developments within the frameworks of domestic and international innovation-, research- and development projects carried out with university partners, research institutions and collaborating companies. Beside of this we devote serious energy to increase the eco-consciousness of the population as well.



Division Leader:


Mr. Dr. István Fórián       Tel.: +36 96 518 895            E-mail: istvan.forian@carrec.hu

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