Shredder projekt

The shredder project of Alcufer Ltd. in Fehérvárcsurgó


ALCUFER Ltd. became one of the most significant waste-handling ventures in the more than one and a half decades since its foundation in 1990.. The greatest volume of waste handled by the firm group is metal waste.


With regard to the fact that the composition of the waste, in accordance with the financial opportunities of society, is more and more shifted towards technical products, vehicles, electric- and electronic small- and big equipment, complex, sophisticated units. thus also waste-handlers have to follow this change, they have to adapt to this by choosing the applied waste-processing technologies.


Considering this fact, and the continuously-rising materials to be processed, Alcufer Ltd. has made a decision in purchasing the shredder-equipment, installing it and putting it into its system. Our company started this investment in November 2007. To do this, it has received 20 % support on the application of GVOP (Economic Marketability Operative Programme) number 2. 1. 1 . The equipment installation took place in mid 2009.


In choosing the scene in Fehérvárcsurgó, in Fejér County, near Székesfehérvár an important factor was its highly favourable logistic setting, as well as the supporting, welcoming environment.


The installed shredder equipment is suitable to annually professionally process and separate the materials of at least 10.000 tons of vehicle wrecks, large-sized electric and electronic products, and metal waste belonging to ”still choppable” category, coming from households. Afterwards, these fractions are prepared to be forwarded to final users and plants using their materials again. The technology enables the purity degree, the degree of processing of the materials to increase to increase to a great extent. This way the productivity and effectiveness of the company can get better. ALCUFER Ltd., however, has not stopped the developments by setting up and installing the equipment.


In the frame of cooperation with university research workshops, the company’s experts are searching for the opportunity how to utilize the by-product of the shreddering technology, the so-called shreddering light fraction by elaborating and applying a complex processing technology.


By applying the most developed technology, in accordance with the basic environmental- and recycling principle of the modern age - ”at first let us utilize the waste in its material, if it is not possible, on an energetic basis, and only in the very end should the waste be taken into a container” – it would like to enable that the volume of the waste – so far mostly put into a container – should be utilized in its material or in an energetic way.


With all this the company serves the protection of the environment, enabling us to hand over our environmental values to future generations in the same or in an even better state than in which we have received them from our ancestors.



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