Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste sector


Our company ensures the transportation, the further treatment according to the environmental protection regulations, as well as the disposal of the hazardous waste as well for our partners in addition to the usable waste created during the activities of industrial plants. ALCUFER Kft. possesses the permission of the Environmental protection authority for the collection and transportation of hazardous wastes.


In consideration of economic and logistic aspects, we transport the received hazardous waste directly to the disposal (landfill, incinerator, recovery) facilities or to our hazardous waste collection sites.


Currently the treatment and temporary storage of the waste arriving at the collection sites is ensured by 18 hazardous waste collector halls provided with technical protection, isolation, salvager and monitoring drain complying with the environmental protection regulations.


The waste containing hazardous material, and the metalliferous waste contaminated with hazardous material are also processed in these hazardous waste collection sites. Such wastes are scrapped vehicles, transformers, condensers, office and other electric wastes, barrels, storage tanks and contaminated packaging materials. The aim of the treatment is to extract metals and other usable materials and to separate the contaminants.


The treatment and transportation of the cooling and lubricating emulsions and of the oily waste water from the site generated during machine production and metalworking are provided to our partners with a tank car with ADR vehicle approval certificate and with a waste water treatment equipment with a capacity of 60 thousand tons operating in Győr.



Division Leader:


Mr. Tamás Csiszár          Tel.: +36 96 512 700            E-mail: info@alcufer.hu

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